Architectural renderings of townhouses (Clouth district/Cologne)

01/05/2014   #architecture   #blender   #competitions   #renderings


A few weeks ago moderne stadt announced an architectural competition for townhouses on the WA 9 site of the Clouth district in Cologne/Germany. For the design of Schneider-Sedlaczek Architekten I created two visuals in blender. I decided to use the blender internal render engine and not cycles, because it gave me much more control over the look of certain parts of the scene.

A microscopic view

22/04/2014   #blender   #competitions   #renderings


Another quick modelling task done for the weekend contest at The topic aims at biomedical visualisation which I find quite challenging in tweaking the material and compositing settings to get an unrealisitic look (like a SEM micrograph). Additionally the scene should contain a hint to the gooseberry project , the 5th open movie project initiated by the Blender Foundation.

The default Cube

13/04/2014   #blender   #competitions   #generative-graphics   #renderings


The weekend contest on suggested playing around with Blender’s default cube. I came up with this one, only using the subdivision and the wireframe modifier.


27/12/2013   #architecture   #math   #physics   #processing   #simulation

Experimenting with mass-spring-system to build larger structures and components. On the bottom left the compound rests on a bearing, on the top right a small custom force pushes downwards. The picture on the right shows the grid with the mass-spring-system. On the left one can see if the cells are are under tensile load (blue) or being compressed (red). Done in processing using the traer.physics 3.0 library.

Coding the Mandelbrot set

20/12/2013   #generative-graphics   #math   #processing


I never managed to code this classic, the Mandelbrot set, but now I finally tried it out in processing.