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Flux 2.0 – A new type of library

A library for the future does require rethinking the needs of its visitors. It has to focus on the process of acquiring and spreading information. A library in its traditional sense builds upon a process which can be separated in three parts:

  1. ACQUISITION. The first step describes the process of someone suming up to his or her work. Informations are investigated and collected. This step may but doesn’t have to happen in a library.
  2. PRODUCTION. In the next step the information sums up to a document.
  3. PUBLICATION. The last step makes the document public to the audience, for sale or it makes it to the collection of a library. As it is available to everyone, the process can restart: The document can be acquired by someone else.

This process retains its validity even in a modern version of a library – but it may speed up and parallelize the process. It becomes aware of all three stations in the process and supports them with its spatial opportunities. It is no longer only a warehouse for books.

Therefore a transformation occurs from a slow, serial workflow to a platform that supports exchange in multiple, parallel processes.


Flux 2.0 makes a proposal how this process can be designed in a spatial way: The main area (2700 sqm) is rasterized in 2.5 m x 2.5 m rectangles, on which specialized, walkable modules move and arrange. There are two categories of modules: Archives (contains books, media etc.) and activity (sit, discuss, read, work etc.).


The arrangement of the modules varies through the needs of its users. Books don’t have to be arranged by major categories, they arrange just how they are being read by the audience. So in consuming the offer of the library one re-shapes the organization. This means that a library is no longer a static place – it becomes a dynamic, growing, shrinking and re-arranging place, just as its visitors ans users change.

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