27/12/2013   #architecture   #math   #physics   #processing   #simulation

Experimenting with mass-spring-system to build larger structures and components. On the bottom left the compound rests on a bearing, on the top right a small custom force pushes downwards. The picture on the right shows the grid with the mass-spring-system. On the left one can see if the cells are are under tensile load (blue) or being compressed (red). Done in processing using the traer.physics 3.0 library.

Swarm & Interaction

30/10/2011   #animation   #architecture   #interaction   #processing   #simulation

This simulation is a redesign project for a lobby at Campus Haspel/Bergische Universität Wuppertal. It makes use of the movement of people through the area to move and reshape a specialized piece of furniture. The particles recognize each other through cohesion, separation, alignment, collision and targeting. Done in processing.

3D cellular automaton

02/09/2011   #generative-graphics   #math   #processing   #simulation

3D version of a cellular automaton, done in processing. The size of the world is 320x200x6 (no borders), rules  5-6-7/6. At random starting conditions the world either dies or seems to run into an endless loop, like the video shows.