27/12/2013   #architecture   #math   #physics   #processing   #simulation

Experimenting with mass-spring-system to build larger structures and components. On the bottom left the compound rests on a bearing, on the top right a small custom force pushes downwards. The picture on the right shows the grid with the mass-spring-system. On the left one can see if the cells are are under tensile load (blue) or being compressed (red). Done in processing using the traer.physics 3.0 library.

Coding the Mandelbrot set

20/12/2013   #generative-graphics   #math   #processing


I never managed to code this classic, the Mandelbrot set, but now I finally tried it out in processing.

Swarm & Interaction

30/10/2011   #animation   #architecture   #interaction   #processing   #simulation

This simulation is a redesign project for a lobby at Campus Haspel/Bergische Universität Wuppertal. It makes use of the movement of people through the area to move and reshape a specialized piece of furniture. The particles recognize each other through cohesion, separation, alignment, collision and targeting. Done in processing.

3D cellular automaton

02/09/2011   #generative-graphics   #math   #processing   #simulation

3D version of a cellular automaton, done in processing. The size of the world is 320x200x6 (no borders), rules  5-6-7/6. At random starting conditions the world either dies or seems to run into an endless loop, like the video shows.

Experiments with vectorfields

26/07/2011   #generative-graphics   #math   #processing


Visualization of a random vectorfield with particles, done in processing.