Architectural renderings of townhouses (Clouth district/Cologne)

01/05/2014   #architecture   #blender   #competitions   #renderings


A few weeks ago moderne stadt announced an architectural competition for townhouses on the WA 9 site of the Clouth district in Cologne/Germany. For the design of Schneider-Sedlaczek Architekten I created two visuals in blender. I decided to use the blender internal render engine and not cycles, because it gave me much more control over the look of certain parts of the scene.

A microscopic view

22/04/2014   #blender   #competitions   #renderings


Another quick modelling task done for the weekend contest at The topic aims at biomedical visualisation which I find quite challenging in tweaking the material and compositing settings to get an unrealisitic look (like a SEM micrograph). Additionally the scene should contain a hint to the gooseberry project , the 5th open movie project initiated by the Blender Foundation.

The default Cube

13/04/2014   #blender   #competitions   #generative-graphics   #renderings


The weekend contest on suggested playing around with Blender’s default cube. I came up with this one, only using the subdivision and the wireframe modifier.


07/02/2012   #architecture   #competitions


Blender 2.6 Splashscreen Contest

05/10/2011   #blender   #competitions   #renderings


My humble contribution to the Blender Splashscreen Contest, reworking a recent rendering.