Explicit Ambiguity / Fashionstream

25/01/2012   #architecture   #blender   #grasshopper   #renderings   #rhino


Another proposed form for the fashion hub design project. Geometry done in Rhino & Grasshopper, rendered in Blender/Cycles, some retouch in PS.

Explicit Ambiguity / Fashion Hub Düsseldorf

17/12/2011   #architecture   #blender   #renderings


A design concept for a swimming fashion center in the old harbour of Düsseldorf. Just geometry, not parametrized yet.

Swarm & Interaction

30/10/2011   #animation   #architecture   #interaction   #processing   #simulation

This simulation is a redesign project for a lobby at Campus Haspel/Bergische Universität Wuppertal. It makes use of the movement of people through the area to move and reshape a specialized piece of furniture. The particles recognize each other through cohesion, separation, alignment, collision and targeting. Done in processing.

Oslo Ferry Terminal & Library

01/10/2011   #animation   #architecture   #blender   #renderings

Experimenting with a shaky camera and some compositing effects in Blender, applied to an older design project for a library combined with a ferry terminal.

CORAL – Loft London Farm Tower

20/09/2011   #architecture   #competitions   #renderings


The design concept „CORAL“ tries to find an optimized way for urban vertical farming. The sheer amount of technological, agricultural and structural possibilities should be considered well and have to fit into the local environment of the projects site.