A microscopic view

22/04/2014   #blender   #competitions   #renderings


Another quick modelling task done for the weekend contest at blendernation.com. The topic aims at biomedical visualisation which I find quite challenging in tweaking the material and compositing settings to get an unrealisitic look (like a SEM micrograph). Additionally the scene should contain a hint to the gooseberry project , the 5th open movie project initiated by the Blender Foundation.

The settings can be found in the .blend-file attached below. Basically I used the velvet shader for cycles a lot. The „gooseberry germ“ is a single object distributed onto the tip of the sewing needle by two particle systems. Another particle system distributes the flakes in the fore- and background.

.blend-file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3564791/posts/blendernation/140421_gooseberry-germ.zip

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